Child Abuse

Physical Abuse
*     Presence of injuries on child’s body: Burns (shaped like appliances e.g. iron), Bruises (also multiple and at different stages of healing in unusual areas of the body).
*     Marks of different ages at specific locations e.g. buttocks, back, thighs, upper arms, eyes and inconspicuous places.
*     Shape of mark e.g. straight edges, teeth or hand marks still visible, handfuls of hair missing from the child/s scalp etc.
Sexual Abuse
1.      Missing of periods / early pregnancy. Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Vaginal or penile infections, Foul-smelling discharge, Blood, pain, itching in the genital area. Abnormal way of walking.
1.      Think they are responsible for the abuse
2.      Think they are different from other children and “dirty”
3.      Think they are not worthy of other people’s love
4.      Have distorted ideas about sex and sexuality
3)      FEELINGS
            Anger, Depression, Feelings of isolation, Ambivalence, Anxiety, Guilt
Break or destroy things, Aggression, Set fires and show cruelty towards animals, steal and lie, Wet or soil themselves, Eat too much or too little, Sleep disturbances, Play Truant, Act out sexually or are promiscuous, Abuse alcohol and /or drugs, Hurt themselves physically, Attempt of commit suicide, Have nightmares, Involvement in prostitution, Display poor hygiene.
*     Lack of respect for boundaries
*     Difficulty trusting others
*     Invasion of other people’s personal space
*     Re-victimization i.e. they expose themselves to situations where it is easy for other people to abuse them.
*     Need for control.