Soap Box Derby 2011

Delta Park held its annual soap box derby on the 18th August 2011.

Each grade had an opportunity to showcase their creativity by dressing up accoeding to a theme. They all strutted their stuff to the pulsating beat of funky music in the Delta Park style – colourfull, loud and vibey.

The excitement in the air was palpable as the teams pushed their carts enthusiastically around the marked course, cheered on by their supporters.


Congratulations to the following:

Best Team spirit
2E2 (Foundation Phase)

6E3 (Intermediate Phase)

9E1 (High School)


Damien Archer(11E1) took it up a gear by entertaining the crowd with a lap around the field with his formula VEE car.

10E3 was the overal winner. They raised the most money and have been awarded an all expenses paid trip to Gold Reef City.

Ulrich Absil in Grade 10E3 raised the most money as an individual. He raised R2500 and will get back 30% of the money back as his prize.

We managed to raise a total of R24 225 with this fundraising event. The money was used to buy new benches for the Primary School and new laptops and projectors.

A Heartfelt thank you to all learners for the competitive spirit and to the staff members and sponsors who made the event an over-whelming success.