Intermediate Special Programs

Remedial Intervention:

A full time support post was created at the beginning of 2007. The aim is to address the level of reading in our school. All the learners from grade 4 -7 are assessed and individual reading difficulties are identified in small groups.

Paired Reading:

We also have a paired reading program in place to uplift learners reading levels, where a facilitator assists the learner and reading partner (mom or dad) in the reading programme.

Reading and Maths Laboratories:

Reading and maths laboratories are available for each class for two periods per week. The learners work individually on computer programmes for enrichment, reinforcement and / or remediation.

Media Centre:

The library services of the Gauteng Department of Education launches a library competition every year. Delta Park had the honours to win the category for LSEN Schools. The school received books and the library teacher will be sponsored to attend the LIASA workshop for school librarians.

Annually Delta Park hosts a book expo to nurture a love for reading. Parents and Learners are encouraged to buy books. Neighboring schools’ libaraians are also invited in order to market the school