Special Programs

Special Programs

Paired Reading

  • The Paired Reading Project was developed in the U.K. and has proven to be very successful in South Africa. Delta Park School offers this program to learners experiencing problems with reading.

What is Paired Reading?

  • Paired Reading is a technique, taught to parents of non-fluent or new-readers where parent and child read together.

Advantages of Paired Reading


·         It removes the stress and anxiety of both the parent and the child during reading.

·         It greatly improves the child’s reading comprehension and fluency.

·         It increases the child’s exposure to and practice of reading.

·         It is positive and demonstrational.

·         It empowers the child.

·         It improves the child’s attitude towards reading, boosts the child’s confidence and cultivates a love of reading.

·         It complements the methods taught in the classroom.

·         It ensures that the child receives the parent’s undivided attention on a daily basis. This is very special and often improves their relationship.

            Implementation at Delta Park School

  • Parents are invited to one of at least three launches during the year.
    Parents who enrolled are trained in the program.


  • Parents who wish to get involved in the Paired Reading Project need to commit to the following:
  • To spend 10 to 15 minutes daily, reading with their child. This must take place on 5 or 6 days per week. Consistency is very important.
  • To discuss the story and pictures with your child.
  • To meet with an appointed monitor teacher or therapist for 10 to 15 minutes once a week, for 6 weeks. The monitoring teacher will guide the parent and child through the different stages of the program.



·         We have experienced wonderful results with most of our learners, who have participated in the Paired Reading Program. Some learners have even shown dramatic improvement in their reading abilities.


  • We offer a unique way of teaching reading, with great success. Non-readers do not exist with us! We use the “Whole Language” approach, where learners learn to read by reading! The Foundation Phase has its own special reading room. A wide selection of readers are available at different levels. The books are graded in 12 levels of difficulty. The first level starts with only pictures and no text. The last level consists of short novels. Every learner reads books from his/her own level of competence.