Speech Therapy

Our role…
The aim of speech-language therapy is to develop the essential communication skills for learners in Delta Park School. Therapy involves specific activities aimed to meet various communication goals, such as listening skills, comprehension of a message, speech, written language and social skills associated with communication (pragmatics).


All learners from grades 1-5 receive speech-language therapy during school hours in small as well as class groups, during which the skills taught, are integrated into scholastic work.

As part of the educational support team (consisting of a psychologist, speech therapist and occupational therapist), the speech therapist works closely with the class teacher on underlying skills learners still need for better communication.
Speech-language therapy for learners from grades 6-9, focuses on the development of communication skills needed in the workplace. These activities take place in class groups once a week.


Educational support team

  • Psychologist
  • Speech therapist
  • Occupational therapist


Speech-language assessment

In order to determine a learner’s Individualized Treatment Plan (IEP), learners are assessed in the following areas:

  • Listening skills/Auditory perception
  • Comprehension of language/Receptive language
  • Expressive language
  • Speech (articulation, phonological awareness, ect.)
  • Social communication skills/Pragmatics